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Martha MacDonald's Mock Champagne Punch


Mary notes: I first tasted this recipe after a recital in Austin, TX. I loved it because it tasted really refreshing and reminds me of my Aunt Dorothy? Wedding Punch. It was particularly special since it was served during the post recital reception for cellist Ruslan Biryukov and I after we performed our French program (Sonatas by Francoeur, Debussy and Franck) in another MPE Artist Concert Series performance at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin. Our host prepared a reception serving Russian, Chinese and American delicacies.

Much thanks to Dr. Martha MacDonald for sharing this recipe with me. I hope that you will like it as much as I did.

Makes 50 servings.

   2 cups of sugar (more if pineapple juice is too tart, less if you don't want it too sweet. The original recipe called for 4 cups of sugar. However, I typically use 2 cups or less)
   46-oz can pineapple juice (1 large can)
   46-oz can apple or cranapple juice (1 large can)
   1/2 cup sugar (optional)
   12-oz can frozen lemonade
   2 2-liter bottles chilled ginger ale

1. To prepare the punch base, combine all ingredients except for ginger ale. Stir well and divide into two equal portions.
2. Store in 2 freezer-safe containers in the freezer.
3. To serve, remove punch base 3 to 4 hours before serving in cold climate; in warmer climate 2 hours prior would be enough. Empty one container into punch bowl and add one bottle of ginger ale.
4. Stir mixture and serve. Some of the punch base should still be icy and will keep the punch cold. Do not add ice to punch as it will water down your drink.
5. Repeat with following punch base and ginger ale. Serves 50 people.

1. This is easy to make and serve.
2. Pink lemonade can be used for color as well as raspberry cranberry juice. I also add peach or apricot nectar sometimes.
3. Best if punch base is made a week ahead of time.
4. You can cut the recipe in half or double it.


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