Even as a child, MARY AU was an unabashed lover of music as well as of food. Her mission is to make classical music part of the fabric of everyday life, in settings where both audience and artist can share in the joy of live music.

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I have been thinking about writing reviews about the great food I have had for a long time.

I grew up in Hong Kong where they have the best food from every nation. My first encounter of great food was in my motherís tummy. Mommy was eating Satay, Beef Haw Fun and congee when I decided that it was time for me to taste some of that great food for myself.

Many people remember the great scenery, paintings and sculptures they come across in their travels. I remember great dishes. Some of my favorites are:

  • Maxís fried chicken in Manila, Philippines (I spent years looking for the same juicy spring chicken until I came across Maxís Fried Chicken in Glendale, CA. Good, but just not as tender and juicy as the chicken in the Philippines).
  • Steamed tofu and Creamy Walnut Soup (dessert) at Siu Lam Gung (alas, this restaurant has closed.)
  • Mango ice cream from Seung Kee in Hong Kong (alas, they have closed too. If anyone knows the ex-owners of this place, please email me so that I can contact them.)
  • Steak Diane at a restaurant in London, England
  • Spaghetti in tomato sauce made by Kang Po Fat (caterer) in Hong Kong
  • Moussaka from a Greek restaurant located next to Carnegie Hall in New York, NY
  • Angelaís Flan from Fortiís Mexican Elder Restaurant in El Paso
  • Oxtail Soup (Ah Fungís recipe) from Hong Kong
  • BBQ lobster at a Hotel in Singapore (the best lobster I have ever had)
  • Saucer-size broiled crab cakes from G&M Restaurant and Lounge in Linthicum MD, USA

picking out hot peppers