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Review: G&M Restaurant & Lounge

Review: G&M Restaurant & Lounge

Great find of a family owned restaurant!

I had the best and largest crab cake at G&M Restaurant & Lounge, just off the Baltimore Beltway in Linthicum, Maryland. Their address is 804 Hammonds Ferry Road, Linthicum Heights, Maryland 21090; to contact them, use 410-636-1777 / 877-554-3723 / 410-636-2605 (fax)

The saucer sized crab cake is broiled, not fried. The cakes are loaded with lump crabmeat and hardly any filler.

Apart from "the best (and most reasonably priced) crab cakes in Chesapeake country," they serve an extensive menu of MEAT, seafood, salad, pasta, sandwiches etc. there too. You can see a photo of the 24 oz. Porterhouse Steak, chicken, pasta etc on this page.

It is not a fancy restaurant, but one that serves genuinely great tasty food with great service. Too bad they are not in Los Angeles. I would surely go back there and try other things on their menu. Perhaps next time!

Mail order is available for the crab cakes and certain other stuffed seafoods on their website.

Any orders received by 6pm Eastern time will be delivered next day anywhere in the United States that FedEx has available delivery.

Here are some other reviews for the restaurant:

"There is a line at this restaurant, and with good reason: Food that includes Maryland crab cakes packed with lumps of meat and almost no filling. The prime rib was so tender I almost sent my knife back to the kitchen."
-- The Baltimore Sun

"This palace of most excellent crab cakes doesn't look like much from the outside. The tip-off is a jam-packed parking lot...when waitress June plops down plates of golden crab mountains, our eyes go wide. People stare from adjoining tables. Hunks of crab as big as your pinky are held together with little more than dumb luck. It is sinful, really, digging into this giant pillow of creamy crab that tastes of seawater and a bit of mustard. Filler is undetectable, and a gently tingling kick must come from Maryland's homegrown mix, Old Bay. Lordy, how many crabs died for my lunch? Is it possible to taste another crab cake so memorable?"
-- Janet K. Keeler, St Petersburg Times, May 20, 2007

G&M crab cakes