Even as a child, MARY AU was an unabashed lover of music as well as of food. Her mission is to make classical music part of the fabric of everyday life, in settings where both audience and artist can share in the joy of live music.

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Turning Point

Turning Points

Translations of a set of beautiful Chinese poem-paintings.

When you come across someone who has mentored you
Remember to fully express your gratitude and thankfulness
For he is the turning point of your life.

When you come across someone that you once hated
Smile to him and say hello
For he has given you the chance to become stronger.

When you come across someone who had left you suddenly
Thank him for being a part of your life
For he has given you exciting memories.

When you meet a friend that you can truly trust
Try to be good to him
For in a human lifetime
It is not so easy to find one's soulmate.

When you meet the person you truly love
Fight to be with him for the rest of your life
For after he is gone
Nothing can be done.

For urgent matters: Speak slowly
Important matters: Speak clearly
Unimportant matters: Say it with humor
Uncontrollable matters: Be careful what you promise
Things that have never happened: Don't make things up
Matters that cannot be accomplished: Don't make empty promises
Hurtful matters: Hold your tongue
Repulsive matters: Address the matter but not the person
Happiness: Choose your occasion to talk about it
Sadness: Don't talk about this with everyone
Things about others: Speak with care
Things about yourself: Listen to your heart
Today's business: Talk about this after you have completed it
Tomorrow's business: Talk about this in the future
Your dissatisfaction with me: Be sure to tell me about it.